Monday, March 21, 2011

A Clear Shining Light


For my burfday a soul friend bought me a deck of cards. This was a deck called "The Christian Prayer Deck." Each day I am invited to shuffle these cards and select one. This morning the selected card read:-

"Merciful Lord, Enlighten me
with a clear shining inward
light, and remove all darkness
from my heart. Repress my
many wandering thoughts."

Thomas A Kempis (13810-1471)

This is a lovely invitation but the last line is not, to this writers thinking good psychology.  Repression of many wandering throughts tends to push them into the very darkness of the heart which Thomas A Kempis is asking to avoid.

You are not going to become a clear shining light through the repression of your many wandering  thoughts.  The wandering throughts are to be silenced but not repressed.  It is through silence that the mind becomes still and you create a heart space where you can be still and know the pressence of I AM.

Simply witness the wandering thoughts without repression or indulgence and the mind will begin to become still and there is then the invitation to be and to express the beauty of your at one ment with the clear shining light of the One Mind.

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